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D3 is based in Huntsville, Alabama and specializes is producing functional and beautiful woodworks of art. From leather goods to bookshelves, we can handle any challenge. We always prioritize customer satisfaction as we turn your woodworking dreams into reality. We work with our customers every step of the design / build process to achieve beautiful custom pieces with an end product that exceeds expectations.



I have set out on a mission to hand build heirloom quality custom wood furniture, in any desired style. I typically use a combination of hand tools (mallet, hand saws, chisels, marking knives and gauges) in conjunction with powered tools (drills, table saw, sliding compound miter chop saw). We take the finest materials and craft them using the best, sharpest tools. We are committed to producing the highest quality products that emulate our standard of ultimate functional beauty. Always paying extra attention to even the smallest details is reflected in our pieces and the results are consistently seamless.



The ultimate goal is to create our own design line of furniture, and then have those placed in customers' homes across the country. Working with the finest varieties of wood like cherry, walnut, oak, maple, and mahogany, I try to let the inherent beauty of the wood stand out. Therefore, I never paint hardwood, I only stain it. This brings out the grain and figure of the wood, making it the showcase of the piece. Functional beauty is what I strive for. I'm chasing perfection. Every joint, dovetail, and inlay is an opportunity to refine my skills. I work slowly because you can't rush the process. I seek perfect joints, invisible gaps, the crispest corners and inlays, seamless fits. I sharpen and strop all of my hand tools to

A Message From Drake

"Thank you for visiting our site and considering D3 for your next custom furniture project. I grew up on a dairy farm in Wisconsin where I learned the value of hard work and attention to detail. I want you to know that if you choose D3 to produce your next heirloom piece, my team and I will stop at nothing to produce a work of art you can enjoy for generations to come. Our focus is on producing the highest quality, attention to detail pieces, built to last for generations to come."


- Drake Daggett, Owner D3 Wood Works

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